Buying a Property Or Business In Spain

We understand that buying a property or business in Spain can be quite a daunting thought if you’re not familiar with the process. We’ve built a great team of advisers that are on hand to guide you through the buying process as we want to make any purchase as straightforward and stress-free as possible.. We also have a team of Legal advisers on hand who can offer their conveyancing services- arranging all paperwork, legalities and fees on your behalf. Most importantly-We believe in transparency when it comes to the buying process. We’ve compiled a list of costs along with the ‘buying process’ associated with purchasing a property in Spain HERE . If you’ve got any further questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


Selling A Property Or Business In Spain

We are always looking to add new properties to our database. We are highly competitive with our pricing structure and feel that our service is one of the best on the Costa Blanca. If you’re looking to sell your property or business, feel free to Contact Us for further details.


Advertising With Us

Advertise your long term property rental with us, safe in the knowledge that we’ll do everything in our powers to get you your next tenant. Your property will receive maximum exposure across all of our advertising,media channels & property websites. This is a great option for those that want to keep the cost of renting their property to a minimum but still want gain maximum exposure through a portal such as our own. The cost for advertising your property with us is a one-off fee of €95 and our advertising is ongoing until you find your new tenant.


Why Choose Us?

Over the last 8 years we’ve been able to build a large database of potential customers looking to purchase or rent a property or business on the Costa Blanca. Our weekly reach is 30,000 and rising through our media, advertising and web channels. We advertise locally, nationally and globally through a large number of paper and online media sources. Every person we reach is a potential customer.

We don’t bombard our website with vast numbers of properties. We don’t do this for the simple reason that we want to give the properties that we’re advertising a fair chance to be seen by potential customers.

We believe in building strong business relationships- We work closely with all of our clients and customers to ensure that they’re getting the best service possible-all of the time.

We offer a transparent, honest, fair and reliable service. Everything we do is done with our own personal experiences in mind. We want to provide a service that we’d want to receive ourselves.

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